Friday, May 25, 2012

Talking Teak

As you know we are big into using reclaimed and sustainable materials.  So when we got to take a tour through IndoTeak Designs warehouse early this week we were floored (sorry, I just had to) at the possibilities that were presented to us with the products they have available.

For someone that loves the rich color of natural woods this place is heaven.  Reclaimed teak paneling in every size reaches up the the ceiling but that is not even the best part.  Reclaimed teak boatwood panels with beautiful muted hues of blue, teal, grey, even pink are a gorgeous and sustainable way to bring some color in while still honoring the raw reclaimed look.

Prefer the look of stone?  What about petrified wood tiles?  Or reclaimed bluestone or marble from old European colonies?

Best of all IndoTeak is a SurfAid sponser AND all of their products are FCS Certified and meet all LEED standards for the greenest rating.

Doesn't get better.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Rain Barrel Rebate Program Now Underway!

The City of San Diego now has a great rebate program for homeowners who choose to install rain barrels or cisterns!  Go to their website here to apply for the rebates or learn more about the program.

Bushman Systems Slimline Rain Tank
"Landscapes can soak up more than 50% of the water used at a typical San Diego home. Capturing rain from your roof is a quick way to conserve water and help prevent pollution by reducing the amount of runoff entering our storm drain system. City of San Diego (City) Public Utilities residential customers that are served by an individual water meter can receive a cash-back rebate when purchasing and installing a rain barrel and connecting it to the home’s rain gutter downspout. Read below to understand the program requirements and application process. Rebates will be distributed on a first-come, first served basis and funding is limited, so be sure to check this website regularly to determine funding availability. Read through the guidelines (PDF) prior to filling out an application (PDF)."
Rain barrels, cisterns, retention basins and other rainwater retention practices help to reduce water pollution and in some instances flooding by reducing the amount of rainwater that enters the stormwater system during a rain event.  They also provide our gardens with much needed natural rainfall that is much healthier for plants than our highly saline imported water (plus it's free!).