Friday, January 15, 2010

Shopping for Garden Style with Ideabooks and Blogs

One of the first things I ask a client during a design consultation is if they have an idea of what garden style they would like for their new landscape. I will often encourage clients to save magazine clippings or other photos of gardens and plants that they like so that I can get a better idea of their tastes and so design a garden that reflects their personal style as much as the style of the home and surrounding environment.

Well, carrying around a multitude of books, magazine clippings, and portfolios can be burdensome and requires the client to make on the spot decisions with only a few resources. Now, with the wide array of design blogs and other sites on the internet, photosharing and ideabooks can make the design process that much easier.

One of my new favorite design sites (for interior as well as exterior design ideas) is Houzz , a fantastic design site where designers have uploaded thousands of photos of design ideas all organized into style and space.

But what makes Houzz rise even further above the typical design site is the ability to create your own ideabook, allowing anyone to save and share ideas that they like! A fantastic way for clients to shop for the garden themes, styles, and artistic elements that they love!

Check out my ideabook at
then create your own to save and share your ideas!

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