Saturday, March 13, 2010

Old Surfboard + Outdoor Shower = Awesome Idea!!

This year's Best of Show garden featured some great ideas! It was there that we found the bee houses featured in the previous post which went along perfectly with the veggie garden, which was the perfect compliment for the pizza oven, which was decorated with gorgeous mosaic...(kind of like that nursery rhyme about swallowing a fly)... which was designed by the same artists that designed this fantastic outdoor shower!

Made with a recycled surfboard (#8 reason not to throw away those old boards!!), mosaic, and some fittings these great outdoor showers are an awesome addition to any coastal garden! Each board/shower is custom designed by artists Will and Jane Fowler so each board is a unique work of art.

Check out their great website for more photos of their beautiful boards and other mosaic designs!

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