Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Vessels In Rain

Our partner company, Artemisia Landscape Design, is branching out and will be unveiling their new Rain Vessels later this month. Rain water cachement is an ancient method to collect and save rain water for later use and is coming into more popular use with our water crisis. Rain Vessels provide an artistic and aesthetically pleasing alternative to plastic rain barrels and will be available through Courtyard Pottery in the Cedros Design District in Solana Beach.

1" of rain over 1,ooo sqare feet of roof area can yield 6oo gallons of water. Collecting this water for future use not only reduces runoff pollution during rainstorms but saves on water bills when the garden becomes dry. The chlorine free water saved in smaller Rain Vessels can be used as an alternative to tap water for indoor and potted plants as well as a variety of other garden and home uses. Larger cachment systems can irrigate entire landscapes.

I've found them to be incredibly handy myself for keeping water on-hand for all of the potted plants in my patio area, instead of having to haul the hose around knocking over pots and creating a mess. Even after the rainwater has been used you can re-fill it with hose-water, pretty quickly the chlorine in the city water will evaporate and you are left with much healthier water for your plants!

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