Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Gathering Plants for the Show!

Today we took a field trip to RECON Native Plants down in IB to look at plants that we might use for our upcoming installation for the Spring Home and Garden Show. We picked out some beautiful flowering bulbs (including one rare gem that is a secret until the show!!), some flowering June Grass and some Red Monkeyflower that should be a great addition to the other gorgeous plants we picked out from Tree of Life yesterday.

It was so hard deciding on plants at both nurseries! Tree of Life has some gorgeous manzanita in all sizes (including some 5g Del Mar Manzanita that it was painful to pass up since, as Jeremy pointed out, they are native to the site of the show!). We decided at last on Pacific Mist and Carmel Sur, two of our favorites.

RECON has some great specimins available now including Giant Coreopsis (which is like a daisy out of a Dr. Seuss book) and some gorgeous 5g Yucca (both whipplii and shidigera). Not to mention all of the San Diego native Sages, Sunflowers, and other cool finds!

In the end I had to cut some great plants out simply to prevent the design from being too full! I will definitely be keeping them in mind for someone's garden though!

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