Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Las Pilitas Nursery

Whether you are looking for native plants for the garden or whether you're simply looking for a great source for CA native plant knowledge, Las Pilitas Native Plant Nursery is a great resource!

Their website is an outstanding resource for information with thousands of pages of information about native plant communities, proper installation and planning, and general plant information.

On the website you'll find an alphabetized encyclopedia of native plant species ranging from commonly planted cultivars to rare and endangered species that are hard to find even in the wild. You'll also find a great search engine that will take your zipcode and site conditions and produce a list of species suited to your garden's conditions.

Their two locations, in Escondido and Santa Margarita (near SLO), are just off the beaten path but well worth the trip to find not only some of our more common native landscape plants like Manzanita and Sages but also rarer gems like Leopard Lilies and SpiceBush.

Check out their website at for more information!

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